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" Not only is Dr. Naz great at what she does, but she is one of the finest people I have meet in my 82 years of life", Harold - Los Gatos

Stroke Support

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Location:  Mission Oaks Hospital
Time:  3:00-4:30 every 2nd Tuesday
Cost: FREE
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Reboot Class

Clinical Neuropsychology

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What is Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychology is a sub-specialty of clinical psychology that specializes in the diagnostic assessment and treatment of patients with brain injury, cerebrovascular accident (stroke), neurological condition and neurocognitive deficits.

What distinguishes a clinical neuropsychologist from other clinical psychologists is an extensive knowledge of the brain, including an understanding of areas such as: neuroanatomy, neurobiology, psychopharmacology, neurological illness or injury, the use of neuropsychological tests to accurately assess cognitive deficits, and the management, treatment and rehabilitation of brain injured and other individual experiencing neurocongitive changes that are generally alarming and emotionally distressing.

Clinical neuropsychologists perform a number of tasks. They are often involved in conducting neuropsychological assessment to assess a person's cognitive skills, usually after some sort of brain injury or neurological impairment. This may be for the purposes of planning treatments, to determine someone's neurocognitive functioning or mental capacity (often done for presentation as evidence in court cases or legal proceedings) or to detect changes over time.  Repeat or serial neuropsychological examinations may be used to monitor deteriorating neurobehavioral performance (as with dementing disorders) or to monitor improving neurobehavioral function (as during the recovery after an acquired brain injury or in response to pharmacological or surgical intervention).

As a clinical neuropsychologist l hold a doctoral degree in Clincial Psychology and I have completed extensive postdoctoral studies and training in neurospcyhology and neurology.  In addition to neurocognitive evaluation, I provide specialized cognitive retraining therapy to support, empower and enable individuals who are experiencing cognitive weaknesses on how to use comensatory strategies to regain their life purpose and independence.

Always Be Well!

Exploring the Healing Power of “TOGETHERNESS”

On March 30th Dr. Naz Motayar, Ph.D. (Neuropsychologist) held a workshop where we explored a new experience utilizing creative approaches for healing to achieve an optimal level of wellbeing, and working through challenging life situations and circumstances. We laughed, played, re-energized, got empowered and enlightened through the power of music, togetherness, kindness and compassion.

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